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Introducing DMamaPut: Nigeria’s Newest Restaurant Delivery Sensation!

Hello Lagos

We’re beyond excited to announce the official launch of your go-to restaurant delivery app designed with your local tastes and preferences in mind! 🥳🍲

Why DMamaPut?

DMamaPut isn’t just any food delivery service. Drawing inspiration from the beloved ‘Mama Put’ street food stalls scattered across Nigeria, our platform aims to bridge the gap between mouthwatering local dishes and the convenience of modern technology.

What Sets Us Apart?

Local Flavor:We’ve partnered with some of the best local Mama Puts and restaurants around to bring your favorite authentic dishes straight to your doorstep.

Fast & Reliable:Our goal is to ensure your food reaches you piping hot and in the quickest time possible. We’ve enlisted a dedicated team of riders who know the ins and outs of Lagos’ legendarily hectic streets.

Easy to Use:With a sleek and intuitive interface, DMamaPut makes it effortless for you to order your favorite meals.

Safety First:In these times, we ensure all food is prepared and delivered under strict hygiene standards, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Hurry up, grab your phones, download the app, and dive into a plate of steaming jollof rice, spicy suya, or a comforting bowl of egusi soup!

A Revolution in Nigerian Food Delivery

Nigeria has a rich culinary heritage, and we’re here to ensure that everyone, regardless of their schedule, can enjoy the warmth, taste, and comfort of homemade-style meals.

Thank you for letting DMamaPut bring the real taste of Nigeria right to your doorstep.

Happy Eating, Lagos! 🇳🇬🍽️

Stay Hungry, Stay Local!

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