About DMamaPut

There are many things that make DMamaPut unique.

Human-centric service, treating our restaurants and drivers fairly, prioritising small, independent, and authentic kitchens. And we’re proud of it. We’ll never be some massive, faceless digital brand where you don’t know who you’re dealing with. You’ll always know just who’s behind the business. We’re here for you.


Evelyn Olasegha – CEO

Evelyn is a renowned regulatory expert with over 20 years’ experience of working within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries spanning the drug development and product registration sectors.

She has held various levels of seniority throughout her regulatory career before founding her own consultancy in 2019. As the CEO of Lejend Consultancy Services Limited, UK, Evelyn offers regulatory expertise, strategic advice and consultancy services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the UK to support the registration of new drugs and technologies in global markets.

Her entrepreneurial flare has seen her develop a thriving property business in the UK, a life coaching business and more recently, she’s ventured into technology with her business partner, Shola Adeyemi, to create DMamaPut.

Outside of her day job, Evelyn is also a Transformation and Empowerment coach for those who have survived toxic relationships or domestic abuse. She helps her clients liberate their minds, rediscover their authentic selves and inspire purposeful living. She does this through one-on-one and/or group coaching, mentoring and counselling.

She is a mother of two and lives with her family in the UK.


Shola Adeyemi – CTO 

Shola is a futuristic thought leader with experience in human centered design and innovations that address unmet needs.

He’s an award-winning Ph.D holder (Best body of research leading to a Ph.D in OR & Statistics) who has over 20 years of senior-level experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare strategy, innovation and leadership.

He’s also a serial founder whose most recent technology business deploys an ultra-secure connectivity and data analytics platform supporting health authorities, nonprofits, and government agencies worldwide.